Registration and breakfast


Welcome address

Eva Szalay, Editor, FX Week


Keynote Speech: The Global Code's First anniversary, insights from the ECB

Christophe Beuve, Head of Bond Markets and International Operations Division - Directorate General of Market Operations, ECB


Central Bankers Panel: Navigating growth in the post-crisis world

  • Differences in exit strategies amongst major central banks
  • From divergence to convergence - the overall implications for FX
  • Leading the way or riding the way - the role of market pricing and expectation on monetary policy
  • Political risks and their (lack) of impact on FX - will this continue?

Moderator: Kris Dickinson, Advisor - Institutional Sales 

Tobias Linzert, Head of the Policy Assessment Section - Monetary Policy Strategy Division, ECB

Meredith Beechey Österholm, Deputy Director of Monetary Policy, Sveriges Riksbank

Benjamin Anderegg, Head of Foreign Exchange and Gold, Swiss National Bank


Evaluating the impact of Best Execution requirements

  • Are market participants changing their execution decisions due to TCA systems now being in place?
  • Fiduciatry duty - who owes to whom and how do asset manages ensure best execution?
  • Counterparty diversification or consolidation, SDPs vs MDPs - a quantitative look at outcomes

Moderator: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX Week

Andre Siegrist, Portfolio Manager, Publica Pension Fund

Harwig Wild, Deputy Director, Metzler Capital Markets

Christian Schoeppe, Director - Head of FX Trading (EMEA), Deutsche Asset Management


Morning break


Asset allocation in a (still) low-yield environment

  • The rise and rise of stock markets vs flat-lining in FX - how long can it last?
  • The outlook for G10 currencies in light of policy normalisation
  • Cryptocurrencies and opportunities - can institutional investors seek alpha in crypto?
  • The risks we have to take - top downside risks to portfolios to consider in asset allocation in 2018

Moderator: Paul Chappell, ACI Director of Education and Chairman at C-View Limited

Imene Rahmouni-Rousseau, Deputy Director - Markets Directorate, Banque de France

Alessandro Tentori, Chief Investment Officer, AXA Investment Managers

Brian Tomlinson, Global Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Allianz Global Investors

Philipp Brugger, Portfolio Manager - Multi Asset Strategies, Blackrock


The path to convergence - The liquidity impact

  • Owning the vertical: the liquidity impact of exchanges and OTC platforms converging
  • Profitability in spot - what does liquidity management mean on different platforms?
  • Disclosures, cover and deal and the GCC - the obligation of platforms and market participants
  • Counterparties and priorities - do better analytics mean better choices?

Eva Szalay, Editor, FX Week

Thanos Papassavas, Founder & CIO, ABP Invest




Cryptocurrencies in institutional FX markets -  the current opportunities

Fragmentation, lack of fungibility and lack of liquidity
Bitcoin: the most last-looked market in the world?
Futures and their role in sparking institutional appetite for crypto
Trading in size - but just how big?

Moderator: Alan Scott, CEO, SmartMoney

Laurent Kssis, CEO, XBT Provider

Charlie Morris, CIO, Newscape Capital Group

James Butterfill, Head of Research, ETF Securities


Spotlight on China

  • What factors are slowing the renminbi's internationalisation process?
  • International politics and Chinese policy - the impact of Brexit and the Trump Presidency on China
  • Policy update from Beijing - what do the PBOC's policy measures say of the renminbi's future prospects?

Sherry Madera, Special Adviser for Asia, City of London Corporation


Afternoon break


Emerging Markets Panel

  • Economic growth and a dash of political risk: the outlook for Central and Eastern European currencies
  • Spotlight on the ruble - opportunities or more sanctions ahead?
  • Turkey's new hedging rules - and upswing in FX activity?
  • The renminbi and its impact on the wider EM universe
  • Top strategy picks for 2018

Moderator: Thanasis Petronikolos, EM bond and FX investment consultant

Liam Spillane, Head of EM Debt, Aviva Investors

Clothilde Malaussene, Senior Portfolio Manager - Emerging Bonds and Currency, Natixis Asset Management

Henrik Pedersen, Senior Portfolio Manager, Credit Suisse Asset Management


Champagne Roundtables

  1. From emerging to developed the path of Russia for 2018, hosted by Marc Millington-Buck, Head of International FX Business Development, MOEX Markets
  2. Crypto-assets: Speculation and Rationality, hosted by Laurent Kssis, CEO, XBT Provider
  3. Asset allocation and the risks for 2018, hosted by Brian Tomlinson, Global Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Allianz Global Investors


Chairperson closing remarks

Eva Szalay, Editor, FX Week


Drinks reception and end of conference