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FX Invest Europe 2017 Programme

*Please note agenda, speakers, sponsors and venue are based on 2017's conference and are subject to change*

08:15 Registration and breakfast

09.00 Welcome address: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

Theme One: Navigating the geopolitical landscape

09:10  Chief Economist Panel: The European shake up

  • The outlook for sterling and the euro against other developed currencies in the context of a ‘soft' vs ‘hard' Brexit
  • What investment opportunities can be found amidst the uncertainty?
  • How will Britain leaving the EU impact the UK-Swiss relationship?
  • Which cities are most likely to benefit from the post-Brexit migration of London business? How concerned should London be?

Moderator: Lena Komileva, Founder, G+ MARKET ECONOMICS
Dirk Aufderheide, Chief Currency Strategist, DEUTSCHE ASSET MANAGEMENT
Salman Ahmed, Chief Investment Strategist, LOMBARD ODIER INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
Michael Grady, Senior Economist and Macro Strategist, AVIVA INVESTORS
Jeremy Lawson, Chief Economist, STANDARD LIFE INVESTMENTS
Richard Cochinos, Head of Europe G10 FX Strategy, CITI

09:50 Executive Address: The rise of the political economy

George Papamarkakis, Co-founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, NORTH ASSET MANAGEMENT

10:20 Presentation: All eyes on the US dollar- the impact of greenback optimism on the wider market

  • To what extent has Trump's victory and a potential Fed rate hike impacted market conditions? Could we see further rate hikes in 2017 or are the risks too high?
  • Which currencies and economies will benefit from rising rates?
  • What impact will the wider geo-political landscape have on global FX markets in 2017? Is it the year of the dollar?

Sven Schubert, Head of Investment Strategy, Currencies, VONTOBEL ASSET MANAGEMENT

10:50 Morning break

Theme Two: Redefining the 'norm'

11:20 Panel discussion: Rethinking liquidity as we know it- does the buy side have legitimate grounds for concern?

  • With the number of ‘flash crash' scenarios on the increase, to what extent can liquidity be seen as phantom and market stability an illusion?
  • Are NBLP's a replacement for traditional bank risk warehousing and how has this impacted liquidity?
  • How can difficulties assessing alternative liquidity pools be overcome?
  • The unbundling of credit and execution- the rise of clearing and its impact on liquidity

Moderated by Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Kevin Kimmel, Global Head of eFX, CITADEL SECURITIES
Marc Millington-Buck, Head of International FX Business Development, MOSCOW EXCHANGE

12:00 Regulatory Q+A

Part One: Preparing for the second and final phase of the Global Code of Conduct

  • How much can actually be achieved through principles-based regulation or do we need rules to create order?
  • In what ways will adherence be monitored? Best practice for implementing successful surveillance systems and introducing better conduct training

Part Two: Preparing for Mifid II

  • To what extent has the deadline extension removed uncertainties- is further clarification needed?
  • What must firms prioritise throughout 2017 to meet the January 2018 deadline?

In conversation with...
Allan Guild, Global Head of FX and Commodities Regulatory Change, HSBC
Paul Chappell, Founder and CIO, C-VIEW
Interview led by:
Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

12:40 Panel discussion: Credit and clearing - the beginning of a new era in FX?

  • What role do PBs and PoPs play in the market at present?
  • The un-mandated push towards clearing and the changing economics of credit and market access
  • The separation of credit and execution
  • Where do asset managers and exchanges fit in the new landscape?

Moderated by Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK
Tjerk Methorst, Trader and Investment Manager, Trading and Execution, PGGM INVESTMENTS
Jeremy Bell, Director, ForexClear Product Management, LCH
Paul Houston, Global Head FX Products, CME GROUP
Allan Guild, Global Head of FX and Commodities Regulatory Change, HSBC

 13:20 Lunch and opportunity to network

Theme Three: Exploiting new investment opportunities in 2017

14:15 Guest Address: Foreign currency exposure in the context of a CHF based institutional investor's asset allocation

  • Factors driving the allocation towards the international markets
  • Swiss Franc and the Swiss Economy's fundamentals
  • Typical exposure to FX markets
  • Drivers of FX movements
  • Compenswiss Hedging Policy

Christophe Schaer, Chief Investment Strategist, SWISS SOCIAL SECURITY FUND, COMPENSWISS

14:45 Renminbi internationalisation in the wake of the SDR inclusion

  • What factors are causing the slowing of renminbi internationalisation?
  • What Brexit and political uncertainty in the US means for China and the rise of the renminbi- will we see a return to the breakneck speed of internationalisation of early 2015?
  • What are investors' major concerns about the Chinese economy and how can they be overcome?

Elliot Hentov, Head of Policy and Research, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS

15:25 Afternoon break

15.55 Navigating Emerging Markets in the context of monetary policy divergence in developed currencies and ongoing geopolitical turmoil

  • With emerging markets suffering in the immediate wake of Trump's victory, how attractive are Emerging Markets at present?
  • Which emerging market currencies are worth the risk? Are there any guaranteed ‘safe havens'?
  • What risks are associated with hedging EM exposures and in what ways can they be managed effectively?
  • Active vs passive - best practice for managing EM

Moderated by Paul Chappell, Founder and CIO, C-VIEW
David Nowakowski, Director, Fixed Income, Currency Research and Strategy, BARINGS ASSET MANAGEMENT
Francois Oustry, Managing Director, Head of Investment Solutions Group, MILLENNIUM GLOBAL INVESTMENTS
Alexander Nagel, Managing Director, GLOBAL EVOLUTION
Achim Walde, Senior FX Risk Manager, B. METZLER SEEL. SOHN & CO

16.35 CIO panel: The good, the bad and the ugly- A round up of G10 and EM opportunities and those that were missed in the past twelve months- key lessons to remember going forward

Moderated by Thanos Papasavvas, Independent Consultant
Richard Lacaille, Global Chief Investment Officer, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS
Gregor Hirt, Chief Strategist, Europe and Switzerland, UBS GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT
Torben Degn, Chief Investment Officer, WOODMAN ASSET MANAGEMENT
James Ashley, Head of International Market Strategy, GOLDMAN SACHS ASSET MANAGEMENT

17:15 Chairperson's closing remarks: Eva Szalay, Editor, FX WEEK

17:20 Networking cocktail reception and end of conference


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